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IEEFA Report: Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines

IEEFA Report: Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines

The Case for Wind-and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids

May 8, 2017, MANILA ( — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today published a report outlining how small islands in the Philippines can effectively replace outdated, diesel-fuel electricity-generation systems with solar- and wind-powered grids. The report—“Electricity-Sector Opportunity in the Philippines – The Case for Wind- and Solar-Powered Small Island Grids”—notes that many […]

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Amid ‘Renewables Frenzy,’ Asia to Reach Peak Coal by 2024

Global Trade Review: Asia will reach peak coal in 2024, with a rapid increase in renewable energy investment set to meet the continent’s growing power needs. By 2040, there will be US$10.2tn invested in new power generation capacity worldwide, of which US$4.8tn will be in Asia, data from the New Energy Outlook 2017 report from […]

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On the Blogs: A ‘New Reality’ Unfolds in India The numbers express a profound new reality in India’s energy industry that carries international significance: Climate-changing carbon emissions in India, the world’s third largest producer, are poised to start leveling off after years of sizable increases. India is joining China, the United States, and Europe in reducing carbon emissions at the same time that […]

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Analysis: Asian Coal-Fired Generation in ‘Existential Fight’

Reuters: When it comes to electrifying Asia the conventional wisdom has been that cheap beats green, meaning coal will continue to dominate the region’s new power generation as renewables such as solar and wind can’t compete. However, there are increasing signs that this may not be the case any more, at least not in every […]

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IEEFA Update: American Isolationism Will Hasten the Asian Century

One Country and One Climate Skeptic Is Not Going to Stop the Global Energy Transition

Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accords is incredibly narrow minded, and short-sighted. It will undermine the U.S. economy and in doing so hurt the working people who voted him in. However, one country and one climate skeptic is not going to stop the global energy transition. India and […]

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‘A Gift to China’

AFP: The US exit from the Paris climate pact is a gift to China’s ambitions to become world leader on everything from trade to global warming, despite its own mixed record. Beijing appeared well aware of the opening that it was given as it vowed to uphold the deal to cut carbon emissions after President […]

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IEEFA Asia: More Evidence of Stark Change in Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets

A ‘JKT’ Triad—Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—Sets a 21st Century Course for Clean Energy; Expect Further Transformation in the Next Year or Two

Word out today that Taiwan has attracted $60 billion in foreign capital commitments to renewable-energy projects adds to the fast-gathering momentum around the electricity sector transition taking deep root across Asia. An excerpt from the article posted this afternoon by Nikkei Asia Review: Global renewable energy companies are rushing to set up offshore wind farms […]

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Some in Japan Push for a Rethinking of How the World’s Third-Largest Economy Produces Electricity

Bloomberg News: The man guiding Japan’s environment policy has a message for his country’s corporate titans – get ready because putting a price on carbon is all but inevitable if global warming is to be held at bay. “Carbon pricing is one effective measure to create a low-carbon society,” Koichi Yamamoto, Japan’s environment minister, said […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Lack of Connection to a Centralized Grid Is a Feature of Distributed Technologies, Not a Bug’

Bloomberg View: More than a billion people worldwide live without reliable access to electricity. Providing them with power will require hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, vast deployment of technology, and adaptable business and financial market strategies. Much of the job can be done with power generation systems that are not connected to a […]

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On the Blogs: A ‘Must-Read’ Article in the Global Financial Press

ThinkProgress: The details of this transition are spelled out in a new, must-read, 4000-word article in the Financial Times, “The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable.” What is most remarkable about the article is that it appears in the Financial Times. The free-market oriented paper is the “most important business read” for the […]

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IEEFA Asia: India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation Is Happening Now

Utility-Scale Solar Projects Continue to Attract Record Low Bids

The Indian energy market transformation is accelerating under Energy Minister Piyush Goyal’s leadership. The most recent and most persuasive evidence is the collapsing cost of solar electricity—a collapse that has gone beyond anyone’s expectations, and the results are in: solar has won. The global energy market implications are profound. Recent events have given manifest life […]

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