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Trump Administration Said to Be Planning a Regulatory End Run to Bail Out Failing Coal Plants

Bloomberg News: After failing to win a bailout for cash-strapped coal plants, some Trump administration officials are considering emergency orders that could keep at least some coal generators online, people familiar with the discussions said. The approach would require Rick Perry to use his authority as U.S. energy secretary to spur emergency compensation for coal […]

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IEEFA Update: Wishing Won’t Make it So: Industry ‘Action Plan’ for Federal Policy Changes Can’t Revive Coal Mining in U.S.

IEEFA Update: Wishing Won’t Make it So: Industry ‘Action Plan’ for Federal Policy Changes Can’t Revive Coal Mining in U.S.

Murray Energy Checklist Included Rolling Back Clean Power Plan, Changing Science Findings, Rewriting Tax Code to Disadvantage Renewables

For the first time last week, Bob Murray, the outspoken CEO of Murray Energy Corp., publicly discussed his company’s recently publicized wish list for actions that the federal government could take to support the coal industry.  Murray’s “Action Plan for the Administration of Donald J. Trump,” a once-secret document written almost a year ago, was released earlier […]

Ohio Utilities Consider Next Steps Following FERC Subsidy Decision

WKSU: Ohio utilities are considering their next steps after federal regulators knocked down a measure that would have allowed subsidies for struggling power plants. But, there are still options from state lawmakers. The proposal would have allowed utilities to charge their customers an extra fee to help prop up power plants that struggle to compete […]

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Supreme Court Kills Murray Energy Suit Against EPA

The Hill: The Supreme Court Monday declined to hear a [Murray Energy] appeal arguing that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must regularly report on the impact to coal jobs from its regulations. The rejection means that the previous ruling stands, in which the Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled that the EPA does […]

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A Federal ‘Cash for Cronies’ Plan Crafted by Coal Companies

Washington Post: Energy Secretary Rick Perry had been in office less than four weeks when he took a meeting from a coal magnate who had an urgent request. Robert E. Murray, founder of Murray Energy and a major Trump supporter, presented a four-page “action plan” to rescue the coal industry. The plan said that commissioners […]

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IEEFA Update: The Coal Deal That Collapsed to Nobody’s Surprise

A Debt-Fueled Arrangement Between Murray Energy and Bowie Resources Went Nowhere for a Reason

The quick collapse this month of a debt-fueled deal by Murray Energy to buy out troubled Bowie Resource Partners and its Utah coal holdings comes as no surprise. The acquisition was supposed to have been financed with $510 in junk bond debt. It took only 10 days to fall apart. The “capital raise” wasn’t getting […]

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Junk Bond Deal for Murray Energy to Take Over Bowie Resource Partners Falls Through

Wall Street Journal: Bowie Resource Partners LLC, a Kentucky coal-mining company, pulled a $510 million debt deal Friday as investor sentiment toward high-yield debt became more cautious. The deal would have paved the way for a takeover of the company by Murray Energy Corp. and new bondholders. The proposed deal was intended to refinance Bowie […]

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U.S. Coal Bailout Plant Would Benefit a Select Few: Murray Energy, FirstEnergy, NRG

Politico: “Customers get less than nothing while a few companies and their investors get a whole lot of something,” Nora Mead Brownell, a Republican former electricity regulator, said of Perry’s plan, noting the high cost estimates. “Money that gets spent there doesn’t get invested in doing what you really need to do, which is upgrading […]

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Moody’s: Much-Anticipated Federal Energy Report ‘Will Not Save Coal’

SNL: A fossil fuel-friendly federal government report “will not save coal,” according to a new note out from Moody’s. While the U.S. Department of Energy’s recent study of the U.S. electricity grid was generally written in a tone favorable to coal, Moody’s said, the report does not change expectations the sector will decline in the long term. Moody’s […]

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IEEFA Update: Who Bob Murray Is, and What He Wants

A Life-Long Coal Man Rages Against the Night

Tom Sanzillo has a gimlet-eyed commentary up today piercing the coded talk Peabody Energy Glenn Kellow has been putting out lately around his save-the-company strategy. It banks on market intervention, that is, government action to reach in and keep his industry viable as natural gas and renewables take customers away. Peabody, the largest non-state-owned coal […]

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