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U.S. Coal Industry Bailout Plan Would Cost Customers as Much as $288 Billion

SNL: The U.S. Department of Energy’s proposal to prop up financially struggling coal and nuclear plants by ensuring they can recover all their costs would carry a big price tag for consumers, according to the PJM Interconnection’s independent market monitor and other stakeholders. Many market participants already have voiced strong opinions, and costs are a […]

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U.S. Bailout Proposal Gets Coal Lobby’s Support, and a Thumbs Down From Everyone Else

Washington Examiner: The coal and nuclear industries made a big, last-minute sell on why the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should approve a proposed rule from Energy Secretary Rick Perry that would prop them up, as the comment period on the proposal ended at midnight. The coal groups argue that FERC must employ its Federal Power […]

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U.S. Plan to Aid Coal and Nuclear Plants Gets a Bipartisan Thumbs Down From Past Regulators

Washington Post; Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s bid to change regulations to help coal and nuclear power plants has run into unusually blunt opposition from a group of former regulators from both parties. Eight former members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — including five former chairmen — have filed a letter with the commission opposing […]

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Resistance at FERC to White House Plan for Aid to Coal and Nuclear Industries

Reuters: The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said on Tuesday that a directive from the U.S. energy secretary to prop up struggling nuclear and coal power plants has initiated an important conversation, but hinted the agency may not pass the plan without changes. Late last month, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry directed FERC, […]

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Top U.S. Energy Regulator Resists Call to ‘Blow Up’ Electricity Markets With Coal, Nuclear Subsidies

The Hill: FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee, whose agency would be responsible for implementing Perry’s plan, told reporters Friday that he would not put in place a policy stemming from the proposal if it would “blow up” competitive electricity markets or not withstand court challenges. Chatterjee’s comments were the first time he has weighed in on […]

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Coal Industry’s Actions Speak Louder Than Its Marketing

Washington Post: Moves to save this industry have actually exposed its weaknesses — and revealed a trend that coal companies and the Trump administration have not acknowledged publicly: The companies are scaling back, in some cases shedding workers and declining the opportunities the federal government now wants to give them. Despite Trump’s best efforts, the […]

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Little Market Effect Expected in Ohio From Reversal of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Midwest Energy News: Despite Scott Pruitt’s claim that “the war on coal is over,” clean energy advocates say repeal of the Clean Power Plan is unlikely to bring back coal jobs to Ohio or revitalize the state’s coal-fired power plants. “It doesn’t change the fact that coal-fired power is uneconomic in Ohio right now and […]

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More U.S. Coal Plants Fail Economic Stress Test

SNL: A recent energy analysis determined that more than 20% of the nation’s coal-generating capacity in 2016 is uneconomic and could face retirement or conversion to other energy sources. The Union of Concerned Scientists, a member-funded nonprofit advocacy group that promotes clean energy, said in its report that much of the remaining coal fleet “faces […]

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Editorial: Five Strikes on Coal

New York Times: “Trump Digs Coal” read the signs during the campaign, and Donald Trump promised he would be “an unbelievable positive” for the miners. Now he’s trying to deliver by repealing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan and proposing to subsidize coal-fired power plants. These moves are, in fact, unbelievable: Not only are they a […]

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