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Industry data show widespread contamination from coal ash

West Virginia Public Radio: For generations, coal power has fueled American prosperity. But for each shovelful thrown into the furnaces, a pile of ash was left in its place. Today, as coal’s dominance in the power sector wanes, those piles of ash have grown into mountains as coal ash became one of the largest waste […]

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Court rulings require EPA action on upwind air pollution

The Hill: Two separate courts ruled this week that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must enforce regulations that restrict states from emitting pollution that could cross borders into neighboring states. U.S. district courts in Maryland and New York both ruled separately that EPA was derelict in its duty by not enforcing states to comply with […]

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IEEFA Update: Wishing Won’t Make it So: Industry ‘Action Plan’ for Federal Policy Changes Can’t Revive Coal Mining in U.S.

IEEFA Update: Wishing Won’t Make it So: Industry ‘Action Plan’ for Federal Policy Changes Can’t Revive Coal Mining in U.S.

Murray Energy Checklist Included Rolling Back Clean Power Plan, Changing Science Findings, Rewriting Tax Code to Disadvantage Renewables

For the first time last week, Bob Murray, the outspoken CEO of Murray Energy Corp., publicly discussed his company’s recently publicized wish list for actions that the federal government could take to support the coal industry.  Murray’s “Action Plan for the Administration of Donald J. Trump,” a once-secret document written almost a year ago, was released earlier […]

Supreme Court Kills Murray Energy Suit Against EPA

The Hill: The Supreme Court Monday declined to hear a [Murray Energy] appeal arguing that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must regularly report on the impact to coal jobs from its regulations. The rejection means that the previous ruling stands, in which the Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled that the EPA does […]

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Editorial: EPA’s Phony Promises to a Fading Industry

New York Times: While environmental rules have played some role in the closing of coal-fired plants, the main driver is cheaper and abundant natural gas. Coal’s use in power generation has been declining since 2007, and by 2016 coal-fired plants produced only 30 percent of the nation’s total generation, compared with 50 percent in 2003. […]

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Trump’s EPA Contemplates a Coal-Ash Cleanup Reversal Worth Up to $35 Billion to U.S. Utilities

Wall Street Journal: Federal regulators will reconsider Obama -era rules governing waste from coal-fired power plants, accepting a request from utility companies that were faced with possibly closing dozens of coal-ash dumps nationwide. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the decision Thursday, putting into question rules from 2015 that one trade group estimated would cost […]

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On the Blogs: Miscasting the Issue Won’t Bring Back Jobs

BuzzFeed: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said on ABC’s This Week the order would counter “the past administration’s effort to kill jobs across this country.” He suggested the administration’s environmental policies would be both pro-jobs and pro-environment, following clean air and clean water rules while asking federal agencies over the next six months to identify rules […]

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U.S. Drop in Coal Usage Exceeds Expectations Envisioned in EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Annalee Grant for SNL: In proposing the Clean Power Plan, the U.S. EPA envisioned a future in which coal was still king among generation fuels until at least 2020. But the actual generation mix for 2015 shows a present in which natural gas has stolen coal’s crown five years before the carbon-cutting rule for fossil […]

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Pick to Lead U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ‘Offers Past at Odds With Coal’

Christopher Coats for SNL: In his capacity as attorney general, Pruitt also made comments at odds with the coal industry’s position on what has been the largest cause of its downturn in recent years. Earlier this year, while giving testimony before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology’s Subcommittee on Environment regarding the impact […]

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Research Note: How Difficult Would It Be to Turn Back the EPA’s Clean Power Plan?

From UBS: CPP can be changed under Trump, but lots of hoops to jump through We held our latest conference call with Tom Lorenzen of Crowell & Morning to analyze what could happen to the Clean Power Plan putting a deeper context on the back of the latest election results. Mr. Lorenzen has over a […]

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