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IEEFA Report: ‘Natural Security’ Argument for Saving 2 Power Plants Is a Red Herring Meant to Distract From an Ohio Valley Electric Bailout

Keeping Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek on Life Support Would Cost Ratepayers $1.4 Billion; Market Conditions Will Continue to Undermine Viability of Aging Coal-Fired Plants; Public Resources Are Better Spent on Investing in Transition; Neither Generator Is Needed for Grid Stability

June 20, 2017  (IEEFA.org) – The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today published a research brief questioning a bill in the Ohio legislature that would bail out two failing coal-fired power plants owned by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) and keep the plants alive at huge expense to ratepayers. The plants […]

Memo- Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup

Memo- Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup

Memo on Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup (pdf)

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Carolina utility plans major investment in energy storage

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($): Duke Energy Corp. plans to invest $500 million to add nearly 300 MW of battery storage to its portfolio in the Carolinas over the next 15 years. “Duke Energy is at the forefront of battery energy storage, and our investment could increase as we identify projects that deliver benefits to […]

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Duke Energy outlines coal phase-out plans

The Charlotte Observer: Duke Energy plans to close its seven North Carolina coal plants during the next 30 years, according to filings this week with state regulators. Those plans include calling for the Allen Steam Station, just outside of Charlotte in Gaston County, to close in 10 years, according to Duke. Coal plants like Allen […]

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Duke Energy’s $3.5 Edwardsport coal experiment: ‘A catastrophe’ for ratepayers

Indianapolis Business Journal: A consumer group is calling on Indiana utility regulators to revoke or modify approval of Duke Energy Corp.’s massive Edwardsport power plant, saying it is costing Indiana ratepayers too much money and has fallen far short of the company’s promises for producing low-cost electricity since going into service in 2013. Citizen Action […]

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Coal ash cleanup could cost Duke’s N.C. customers $5 billion

Associated Press: A string of decisions by North Carolina regulators means electricity consumers could be seeing a multibillion-dollar bill to clean up mountains of waste Duke Energy created by spending decades burning coal to produce power. State utilities regulators late last month decided that both North Carolina divisions of the country’s No. 2 power company […]

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Report: U.S. Tax Incentives Will Drive $20 Billion in Renewable Capex Spending Through 2018

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($): With incentives retained in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act supporting the development of renewable energy, U.S. electric utilities and their competitive energy arms are moving ahead with certainty on planned solar investments to take advantage of the federal solar investment tax credit, or ITC, before it drops permanently to […]

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CEO: Duke Energy to Propose Continuing Coal Phase-Out

Axios: One of America’s largest utility companies, Duke Energy, is set to release a report later this month that sketches a drastically changed electricity mix in a carbon-constrained future. Duke is the latest energy company to commit to releasing a report about climate change in response to investor pressure conveyed by non-binding but symbolically important […]

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U.S. Utility Giant Duke Energy Increases Its Renewables Spend to $1.5 Billion

S&P Global Market Intelligence: Duke Energy Corp. expects to funnel more capital into commercial renewables but will continue to focus the bulk of its investments on the grid over the next five years. The updated growth capital plan focuses $28.8 billion on electric utilities, including regulated renewables, and $6.7 billion on gas utilities. The plan […]

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Investor-Driven Climate-Risk Transparency Is Taking Hold

S&P Global Market Intelligence: Investors pushing companies to analyze and disclose their climate risks said they believe that those moves have set up a dynamic that will lead to changes in corporate operations. Big investors such as BlackRock Inc. in recent years have joined the effort — through shareholder resolutions, public letters and behind-the-scenes conversations […]

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Decarbonization of U.S. Utility Sector Gains Steam

S&P Global Market Intelligence: As the Trump administration pursues policies to benefit the fossil fuel industry, the trend toward decarbonization among electric utilities in the United States is picking up steam. Shareholders have been pushing for investor-owned electric utilities to be more proactive and transparent when addressing environmental, social and governance risks and several management […]

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IEEFA Update: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Risk Is Being Borne Not by Dominion and Duke, but by Their Customers

IEEFA Update: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Risk Is Being Borne Not by Dominion and Duke, but by Their Customers

Little Potential Corporate Loss on a Superfluous Project

Dominion Resources and Duke Energy say they need to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to meet rapidly growing demand for natural gas. But will the market really grow in the way that these utilities say that it will? The pipeline, announced in 2014 as a joint venture between Dominion, Duke, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL […]

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