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Op Ed: It’s Time To Prohibit Self-Bonding By Coal Companies

Caspar Star Tribune: This past month a completely unknown and unproven company called Blackjewel, LLC “bought” two of Wyoming’s oldest and biggest coal mines. More particularly, they were given the mines in exchange for assuming their cleanup risks and some hypothetical future royalties. They acquired the Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr mines near Gillette from […]

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IEEFA Update: Financial Facts Don’t Support Coal Industry’s Claims of 2017 Recovery

Failed Deals, Financial Losses, and Cancelled Leases Contradict the Rosy Picture Offered by Industry Executives

As 2017 ended, coal industry leaders made a number of upbeat statements to the press and investors, citing what they saw as good news: regulatory rollbacks by the Trump administration, promises of future federal subsidies, improved profits, an increase in coal exports and metallurgical sales, a few loan closings, and a late year stock price […]

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IEEFA Update: Another Canary in the Coal Mine

IEEFA Update: Another Canary in the Coal Mine

Telling Details in a Deal That Transfers Two Wyoming Mines to an Appalachian Company

In the first negative-value transaction in the Powder River Basin proper, Contura Energy is planning to transfer two coal mines in Wyoming to another company in exchange for royalties from future sales and for the new owner assuming reclamation liabilities. Contura, formed when senior lenders took some assets during Alpha Natural Resources bankruptcy, Eagle Butte […]

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Little-Known Buyer of ‘Crown Jewel’ Powder River Basin Coal Mines Sows Doubt in Wyoming

Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune: The coal company that emerged from the ashes of the Alpha Natural Resources bankruptcy is getting out of the Powder River Basin just a little over a year since its formation. Contura Energy announced Monday that it was transferring its Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr mines to Blackjewel L.L.C., a private company […]

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Contura, Citing Weak Investor Interest, Pulls Its IPO

Bloomberg News: Contura Energy Inc., which inherited some of Alpha Natural Resources Inc.’s best coal mines during that company’s bankruptcy, has withdrawn a plan for an initial public offering amid lackluster demand from potential investors. Contura’s decision underscores how cautious Wall Street has been about investing in the U.S. coal sector, despite a rebound following […]

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IEEFA Update: In Federal Coal-Policy Reversals, Trump Is Handing Out Snowballs in a Blizzard

IEEFA Update: In Federal Coal-Policy Reversals, Trump Is Handing Out Snowballs in a Blizzard

Companies Are Cancelling Applications for New Leases on Public Lands or Seeking Delays; Presidential Pronouncements Seem Little More Than Symbolic

Its reversal earlier this year of a moratorium on federal coal leases put into place last fall by President Obama got the Trump administration lots of applause from the industry. It got more this week for rescinding a rule that came onto the books several months ago in a federal policy change meant to end […]

Analyst: U.S. May Never Have an Investment Grade Coal Company Again

Taylor Kuykendall in SNL: Despite near-term improvements in the U.S. coal sector, getting investors excited about the industry may still prove a tough sell. “I don’t necessarily think we are ever going to get back to a situation where we’re going to have an investment-grade coal company again,” Chiza Vitta, an analyst with S&P Global Ratings, said […]

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IEEFA Swamp Watch: Discord Within the Fossil-Fuel Industry Over What to Do Now

Wrangling, and Uncertainty, Over the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The swamp is becoming quite the quagmire as arguments bubble up among coal, oil, and gas interests about whether the U.S. should withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. With the Trump administration in power, the fossil-fuel industry now has the keys to the kingdom. Yet its giants appear confused and in disarray. Whatever […]

‘Coal Investors Unlikely to Support Deals or Growth Projects’

Platts: Publicly traded US coal producers aren’t likely to splurge on acquisitions or growth projects in the coming years, and instead should distribute their earnings to shareholders, an equity analyst report said Tuesday. Seaport Global’s Mark Levin said a number of producers, including Peabody Energy, Arch Coal and Contura Energy, have emerged from reorganization with […]

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The Coal Company Formerly Known as Alpha Natural Resources Agrees to End Questionable Self-Bonding Scheme for Cleanup Costs

Casper Star Tribune: Contura Energy will ditch its collateral bonds in favor of secure insurance to guarantee the cleanup of its Wyoming coal mines after local environmental advocates pushed for stricter accountability. The clash of interests follows a long series of battles during the coal downturn. Coal companies, environmentalists and state and federal regulators frequently […]

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