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In Ohio, AEP and FirstEnergy Adopt an Audacious Strategy That Could Cost Ratepayers Dearly

In Ohio, AEP and FirstEnergy Adopt an Audacious Strategy That Could Cost Ratepayers Dearly

A Model First Established in West Virginia Is Being Pushed Now in the Buckeye State

We’ve posted a research note today that explains how reregulation schemes in Ohio by FirstEnergy and AEP bear a striking resemblance to one approved in West Virginia that resulted in a recent push to raise electricity rates by 12.5 percent. The gist of our memo, “West Virginia Bailout Emboldens FirstEnergy and AEP in Ohio,” is […]

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Report: Mountain State Maneuver: AEP and FirstEnergy try to stick ratepayers with risky coal plants

Report: Mountain State Maneuver: AEP and FirstEnergy try to stick ratepayers with risky coal plants

Mountain State Maneuver: AEP and FirstEnergy try to stick ratepayers with risky coal plants (pdf)      

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Midwestern Mega-Utility, Acknowledging ‘Era of Transformation,’ Announces Clean-Energy Shift

Columbus Dispatch: American Electric Power is announcing targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its power plants, with an ultimate goal of cutting those levels, by 2050, to 80 percent less than they were in 2000. The Columbus-based utility says it is planning to reach the goal by following through on plans to increase use […]

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Decarbonization of U.S. Utility Sector Gains Steam

S&P Global Market Intelligence: As the Trump administration pursues policies to benefit the fossil fuel industry, the trend toward decarbonization among electric utilities in the United States is picking up steam. Shareholders have been pushing for investor-owned electric utilities to be more proactive and transparent when addressing environmental, social and governance risks and several management […]

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American Utility Giant Earmarks $1.8 Billion for Renewable Generation

PV Magazine: American Electric Power (AEP), one of the United State’s largest power companies and one that owns a disproportionate share of coal assets, announced that it will invest $1.8 billion in new renewable energy projects during the 2018-2020 timeframe. This is nearly five times the company’s current investment in renewable energy generation by dollar […]

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IEEFA Update: Something in the Wind

U.S. Nuclear Industry Reconsiders Expansion; Utility Exec Sees Less Risk in Turbine Farm Than Coal; Keystone XL Doesn’t Pencil Out Anymore

It’s de rigueur anymore for energy companies across the board to play up their clean-energy commitments—actual or just advertised—but executives at American Electric Power put some of their money where their mouths were in announcing intentions last week to invest $4.5 billion in the new Wind Catcher farm in Oklahoma. AEP’s logic is rooted in […]

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In $4.5 Billion Wind Project, U.S. Utility Exec Sees a Better Risk Profile Than in Coal

Columbus Business First: American Electric Power Company Inc. is spending big on the largest single-site wind farm in America. The project holds risk, which the Columbus electric utility spent a year analyzing. The risks associated with spending $4.5 billion on the 800-turbine Oklahoma project are still less than those associated with building traditional power plants, […]

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IEEFA Update: The Coal ‘Comeback’ of 2017

IEEFA Update: The Coal ‘Comeback’ of 2017

The Second-Worst Production Performance in at Least 30 Years Isn’t Much of a Bounce

The U.S. coal industry is making a comeback. So goes the story being spun lately by the industry itself, even if the facts of the matter suggest something else. The coal industry points, among other statistical threads, to the latest Short-Term Energy Outlook from the Energy Information Administration, released July 11, as a harbinger of […]

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In $4.5 Billion Wind-Farm Deal, AEP Joins Trend Taking Hold Across U.S. Utility Sector

Bloomberg: There’s a new model emerging for growth-starved utilities looking to profit from America’s solar and wind power boom. American Electric Power Co. is using it for a $4.5 billion deal that’ll land the U.S. utility owner a massive wind farm in Oklahoma and a high-voltage transmission line to deliver the power. NextEra Energy Inc.’s […]

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On the Blogs: A ‘Growing Class of Energy Business CEOs’ Tout Aggressive Expansion Into Renewables Across the nation, smart business leaders are doubling down on wind power because new business realities are driving an energy marketplace that is more diversified and flexible. Clean power sources, such as wind, solar and natural gas, are now customers’ preferred energy choices. And this new energy mix is actually improving America’s grid, adding […]

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Proposed Bailout of Two Power Plants in Ohio Loses Momentum

Columbus Dispatch: A proposal to subsidize two coal-fired power plants is no longer on a fast track and might not pass at all. This is a shift from last month, when House Bill 239 seemed to be moving quickly toward becoming law, despite opposition from consumer and environmental groups. The Ohio House Public Utilities Committee […]

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A Fresh Push by Ohio Utilities Seeking Bailouts for Old Power Plants

Cleveland Plain Dealer: A power struggle has erupted in the Statehouse pitting Ohio’s traditional electric utilities against new independent power producers, as well as consumer, environmental and business groups wary of rate increases. The outcome will have an impact not only on what consumers will pay for power in the future, but also on the […]

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