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U.S. Plan to Aid Coal and Nuclear Plants Gets a Bipartisan Thumbs Down From Past Regulators

Washington Post; Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s bid to change regulations to help coal and nuclear power plants has run into unusually blunt opposition from a group of former regulators from both parties. Eight former members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — including five former chairmen — have filed a letter with the commission opposing […]

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As Blackout Drags On, Uncertainty Over Whether Puerto Rico Will Modernize Its Grid

E&E: The facts also are that Puerto Rico remains a disaster area unlike  anything the nation has experienced in modern times, said Tomás Torres of the Institute for Competitiveness and Sustainable Economy of Puerto Rico. “After a month, 90 percent of the people of Puerto Rico are without power,” Torres said, interviewed as he traveled […]

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IEEFA Update: Where Puerto Rico Goes From Here

Modernize With Microgrids and Renewables or Rebuild the Status Quo? (Webinar: Tuesday, Oct. 24, 11 a.m. ET)

The future of Puerto Rico’s electricity system is on the line now as planners, policymakers, special interests, and politicians negotiate how the U.S. commonwealth will rebuild its shattered electricity grid. Long-running research by our organization  has documented how the Puerto Rico Electric Authority (PREPA) has been historically and chronically mismanaged and how it has been […]

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Puerto Rico’s 10 Biggest Vulture Funds (and the Individuals Behind Them)

In These Times: When Puerto Rico declared a form of bankruptcy in May, it was the largest municipal bankruptcy debt in U.S. history. Puerto Rico’s more than $74.8 billion in debt and $49 billion in pension system obligations surpasses Detroit, Mich.’s $18 billion bankruptcy in 2013. Much of that debt is interest. According to a […]

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As Coal Slips in Texas, Wind Picks Up

Quartz: Although the White House is leading a campaign to burn more coal, states and utilities are largely ignoring the call. In April, West Virginia rebuffed efforts by Democratic governor Jim Justice to revive its moribund coal industry. On Oct. 13, Texas announced it, too, was turning to renewables. The retirement of three coal-powered plants […]

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Resistance at FERC to White House Plan for Aid to Coal and Nuclear Industries

Reuters: The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said on Tuesday that a directive from the U.S. energy secretary to prop up struggling nuclear and coal power plants has initiated an important conversation, but hinted the agency may not pass the plan without changes. Late last month, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry directed FERC, […]

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Op-Ed: A Train to Nowhere

The Guardian: The dispute over the Adani Group’s proposed Carmichael mine and the associated port at Abbot Point has long been cast as a choice between jobs and the environment. We are promised an economic bonanza with 10,000 jobs and billions of dollars in royalties and taxes. For hard-pressed cities like Townsville and Rockhampton and […]

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Questions on Puerto Rico’s Montana Contract

The Weather Channel: Facing the destruction of almost its entire electrical grid after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico turned to a little-known Montana company to restore power rather than rely on a vast network of public power companies that usually comes to the rescue after disasters. Overall, progress has been slow and uneven, stoking concerns about […]

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IEEFA Asia: As India Moves, Europe Follows

Low-Carbon Technology Is Where the Smart Money Is Going

As world energy markets transform at an unprecedented rate, India is at the forefront of the shift toward a profitable renewables industry, especially given how the country’s solar belt has the potential to supply 749 gigawatts (GW) of power generation. As shown in a report we published earlier this month, accelerating this trend will allow […]

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Op-Ed: New York Town Finds Life After Coal

Buffalo News: When NRG Energy announced the retirement of the Huntley Power Generating Station on River Road, the Ken-Ton School District and the town and county municipalities were facing a total loss of $6 million in PILOT revenues. This loss would eliminate jobs at the plant as well as services and programs offered by the […]

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