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California Regulators Vote to Close Diablo Canyon

San Francisco Chronicle:

California’s last nuclear power plant — Diablo Canyon, whose contentious birth helped shape the modern environmental movement — will close in 2025, state utility regulators decided Thursday. The unanimous vote by the California Public Utilities Commission will likely bring an end to nuclear energy’s long history in the state. State law forbids building more nuclear plants in California until the federal government creates a long-term solution for dealing with their waste, a goal that remains elusive despite decades of effort.

“With this decision, we chart a new energy future by phasing out nuclear power here in California,” said commission President Michael Picker. “We’ve looked hard at all the arguments, and we agree the time has come.”

Diablo Canyon’s planned shutdown is the latest blow to America’s nuclear power industry, beset by plant closures and the cancellation of proposed reactors.

PG&E will…be able to shift onto its customers $241.2 million in costs related to shutting down the plant, including retaining its staff. PG&E estimated Thursday that customer bills would rise less than 0.5 percent on an annual basis as a result of the commission’s decision.

PG&E opened Diablo Canyon in 1985 on a coastal bluff near San Luis Obispo despite fierce opposition from environmentalists convinced that the plant’s proximity to fault lines — one of them just 650 yards away — posed a lethal risk.

More: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/California-regulators-vote-unanimously-to-close-12491203.php

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