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Burned by Coal: Coalfield Communities Facing Electricity Price Hikes

WKMS (Kentucky):

Even in areas with more stable and prosperous economies, power companies are facing challenges. The once reliable trend of increased demand, decade after decade is giving way to a new energy landscape. In the last few years demand has remained pretty flat.

Cathy Kunkel is an analyst with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, a research group that promotes sustainable energy. She explained that the recent recession, together with increasingly efficient homes, appliances, and light bulbs, have meant that business for power companies isn’t growing as steadily.

And here in the Ohio Valley region, there’s another challenge.

“There’s also a problem with our utilities having made investments in a lot of coal-fired power plants and those investments not turning out to be competitive anymore,” Kunkel said.

Coal is no longer the cheapest source of energy. It’s been passed by natural gas, and renewables aren’t far off. While there has been a regional shift among utilities moving from coal to gas to turn turbines, Kentucky Power, like many utilities in the region, is still very much invested in coal. And that’s part of why they’re in a situation where they’re requesting higher prices.

Burned by Coal: Coalfield Communities Facing Electricity Price Hike

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