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Bipartisan U.S. Political Support for Clean Energy Economy

GreenTech Media:

Republican support for clean energy shows the president’s party doesn’t stand behind him on the issue.

In a January op-ed, Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa who has questioned whether climate change is the result of human activity, promised to continue fighting for clean energy. Grassley was among those who argued against assaults on clean energy in the tax reform bill.

“I’ve long advocated for an all-of-the-above American energy policy and will continuing defending renewable fuels,” he wrote.

Senator Dean Heller from Nevada, who has also questioned humanity’s role in fomenting climate change, came to the defense of clean energy credits. His website announces that he wants to work to “develop renewable resources efficiently and affordably.” In February he won an award from the Solar Energy Industries Association for his support of clean energy.

Those positions are no longer outliers in the Grand Old Party. Though Republican support for clean energy has grown largely due to promises of economic development and job creation rather than from an ideological commitment to the issue, many of the country’s most productive clean energy states are also conservative. The budget bill is just the latest indication that framing the clean energy debate as strictly blue versus red constitutes a lack of up-to-date context.

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