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Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, Tim Buckley has 25 years of financial markets experience, specializing in equity valuation, including as a top-rated analyst and as co-founder and managing director of Arkx Investment Management.

IEEFA Asia: More Evidence of Stark Change in Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets

A ‘JKT’ Triad—Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—Sets a 21st Century Course for Clean Energy; Expect Further Transformation in the Next Year or Two

Word out today that Taiwan has attracted $60 billion in foreign capital commitments to renewable-energy projects adds to the fast-gathering momentum around the electricity sector transition taking deep root across Asia. An excerpt from the article posted this afternoon by Nikkei Asia Review: Global renewable energy companies are rushing to set up offshore wind farms […]

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IEEFA Australia: Adani Can’t Seem to Get the Public Subsidies It Requires for Its Carmichael Coal Project

Further Evidence That a Mine Proposal Is Unbankable

In saying that it has deferred its investment decision on its Australian Carmichael coal proposal because the Queensland Government hasn’t granted it yet another subsidy, Adani Enterprises is demonstrating once more that the project is unbankable. We’re not aware of a single private financial institution that has endorsed the proposal, which suggests to us that […]

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IEEFA Asia: India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation Is Happening Now

Utility-Scale Solar Projects Continue to Attract Record Low Bids

The Indian energy market transformation is accelerating under Energy Minister Piyush Goyal’s leadership. The most recent and most persuasive evidence is the collapsing cost of solar electricity—a collapse that has gone beyond anyone’s expectations, and the results are in: solar has won. The global energy market implications are profound. Recent events have given manifest life […]

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IEEFA Asia: Moon Jae-In’s Ascension in Seoul Is Another Blow to Asia’s Coal Industry

Policy Shift Stands to Halve the Long-Term Growth Rate of South Korean Coal Imports

Moon Jae-In’s election yesterday as president of South Korea holds potentially significant ramifications for global seaborne thermal coal markets. South Korea is Asia’s fourth-largest economy and the fourth-largest importer of coal globally, accounting for over 10 percent of world thermal coal import demand. As the only remaining growth market of significant size, it has long […]

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IEEFA Extra: China Is Winning the Energy-Security Race

The U.S. Lags the World as It Aims Now to ‘Prop Up Dying Industries of the Past'

[This is an excerpt of a Q&A with IEEFA’s Tim Buckley published this week by Cipher Brief, a global security publication.] The Cipher Brief: With the U.S. and China as examples, how significant is the role of government in fostering investment and development of clean energy? Tim Buckley: The government role is critical to fostering […]

IEEFA Update: An Increasingly Cursed Australian Coal Project

IEEFA Update: An Increasingly Cursed Australian Coal Project

Bad Financials, Weak Markets, Policy Headwinds, Social-License Issues, Transparency Questions, Climate Risk: The Many Afflictions Hobbling the Proposed Carmichael Mine

IEEFA has released an update today on Adani’s long-festering coal mine project in northern Queensland that plumbs the depths of the Indian conglomerate’s financials and finds them vastly insufficient for the supposed job at hand. Our report— “Adani: Remote Prospect: Carmichael Status Update 2017”—follows on previous work we’ve done around what would be the biggest new coal […]

IEEFA Update: Japan Is Investing Heavily in Overseas Renewables

IEEFA Update: Japan Is Investing Heavily in Overseas Renewables

Momentum Spreads From Domestic to Foreign Activity

Among one of the key points we made in a report we published last week on Japan’s post-nuclear energy economy is how Japanese energy-investment capital is being pulled inextricably now toward overseas renewable-energy projects. It’s a wrinkle worth repeating. Our report—“Japan: Greater Energy Security Through Renewables – Electricity Transformation in a Post-Nuclear Economy”—details how the […]

IEEFA Report: A Renewables Path to Japanese Energy Security in a Post-Nuclear Era

IEEFA Report: A Renewables Path to Japanese Energy Security in a Post-Nuclear Era

Eliminating High-Risk Dependence on Imported Fuels; Exploiting Domestic Technology Advantages; Avoiding Stranded Assets in Misguided Coal Projects

We’ve just published a report that details how Japan’s post-nuclear electricity-generation economy can be viably retooled around renewable energy. Our report—“Japan: Greater Energy Security Through Renewables: Electricity Transformation in a Post-Nuclear Economy”—emphasizes the potential for national energy security through renewables, most especially wind and solar. This report documents how government policies adopted in the wake […]

IEEFA Update: Global Energy-Finance Transition Gains Steam

Electricity-Generation Technologies of the Past Century Are Growing Increasingly Unappealing to Investors

[Editor’s note: This column is taken from a speech last month to the Australian Senate on its inquiry into the retirement of coal-fired power stations] Good afternoon and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak on the critically important topic of Australian coal-fired power station retirements, particularly as it relates to energy system […]

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IEEFA Update: China Is Now Three Years Past Peak Coal

Declines in Consumption and Production Show an Economy Decoupling From Energy Demand

With official word this week from the China National Bureau of Statistics that the world’s biggest user of coal reduced its consumption in 2016 by 4.7 percent comes another signal that the Chinese electricity transformation continues apace. The trend has three years of history to it now, which is to say China is three years […]

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