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AES, Siemens Partnership Is Big News for Batteries

The first storage supergroup has arrived.

Fluence, the new joint venture from major industry players Siemens and AES Energy Storage, kicked off operations in the new year. The company is positioning itself as a global heavyweight system provider capable of tackling everything from commercial projects up to the rarefied “100 megawatt club.”

The pairing combines AES’ decade of experience developing large utility-scale storage with Siemens’ commercial expertise and global sales presence. The company announced a dedicated project financing program from Siemens Financial Services, which will simplify and shorten the timeline to finance upcoming projects. That could prove to be a key differentiator in a young industry that still struggles with readily available financing.

The company also rolled out a new product [SunFlex] optimized for the budding solar-plus-storage market.

Fluence’s first big contract will sound familiar to anyone watching the utility-scale storage scene in recent years: it’s the 100-megawatt/ 400 megawatt-hour project for Southern California Edison in Long Beach. AES won the contract to build that project back in 2014. The system, which will sit inside its own building at the Alamitos Power Center, needs to come online by 2021 as California’s once-through cooling plants shut down.

Experience working on the largest scale of storage deployments sets Tesla and AES apart from the competition. Additional firms may rise to that scale in the coming years, but in the meantime, Fluence hopes to distinguish itself with a global sales team and many years of experience building storage in different markets.

More: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/fluence-kicks-off-with-dedicated-financing-massive-supply-contract#gs.QDGhi6Y

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