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Adani Posts Weird Video Ad on Facebook to Fend Off Carmichael Criticism

The Guardian:

The Adani Group has promoted a bizarre video advertisement on Facebook, in which the Indian company responds to revelations its Australian coal operations face growing financial risks.

The video, targeting people in Melbourne, flashes up text on the screen, backed by fast and upbeat percussive music. It displays “allegations”, which are labelled as “lies”, followed by attempts to set the record straight. It also misspells “Abott point”, its coal terminal.

The video was uploaded along with a long post that contains strange defences of its operation, including the false claim that the entire allegations about the company are based on “just one screenshot of random text”.

The Facebook post had more than 580,000 views on the video statistics at the time of writing.

Tim Buckley, a financial analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, made many of the allegations Adani was attempting to refute. Aired in an episode of ABC’s Four Corners program, the institute claimed Adani’s operations in Australia were unprofitable and required the Carmichael mine to bail them out.

Buckley described the video as a “desperate attempt to try and counter some of the facts with loud music and flashing lights” and a sign that the campaign against Adani in Australia is having an impact.

“In one respect it shows that Adani is taking it seriously,” Buckley said. “The whole campaign in Australia is doing enormous damage to the social licence to operate of Adani.”

The ad has been uncovered by a Guardian Australia and ProPublica collaboration to track political advertising on Facebook.

Adani posts weird video ad on Facebook to fend off Carmichael criticism

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