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IEEFA Update: Kemper, Edwardsport, and ‘Clean Coal’

Construction Delays and Budget Overruns; Productivity Problems; High Operating Costs

If the “clean coal” integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) technology promoted at home and abroad by the U.S. utility industry sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. That’s why Moody’s Investors Services warned the other day that it might downgrade the credit of Mississippi Power Company because of the declining competitiveness of […]

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IEEFA Update: China Is Now Three Years Past Peak Coal

Declines in Consumption and Production Show an Economy Decoupling From Energy Demand

With official word this week from the China National Bureau of Statistics that the world’s biggest user of coal reduced its consumption in 2016 by 4.7 percent comes another signal that the Chinese electricity transformation continues apace. The trend has three years of history to it now, which is to say China is three years […]

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A Post-Coal Economy in West Virginia: ‘Hard, but Not Impossible’

From the (Beckley, W.V.) Register-Herald: The region’s tradition of coal mining is dying, after the country embraced cheaper and cleaner natural gas, which has surpassed coal as the nation’s leading source of net electricity generation. Last year, the region’s coal production fell by about 60 percent from its height in 2008 at 158 million short […]

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Editorial: How the Wind Industry Is Energizing North Carolina’s Economy

From the Raleigh News & Observer: When the Wright Brothers’ plane rose with the wind near Kitty Hawk in 1903 it was little noted immediately. Another wind-related event in Eastern North Carolina may one day also be seen as a quiet but transformational technological event. In early February, North Carolina’s first wind farm began full […]

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U.S. Coal Companies Dodge Federal Royalty Reform

From the Washington Post: The Interior Department has informed coal, oil and gas companies this week they do not need to comply with a new federal accounting system that would have compelled them to pay millions of dollars in additional royalties. The Office of Natural Resources Revenue’s new method of calculating royalties for minerals extracted […]

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China’s Coal Consumption Falls for a Third Straight Year

From the Australian Financial Review: Chinese people are richer, having more babies (although not as many as expected), spending more time shopping online and using less coal, according to the latest statistics report on the country’s social and economic development. Coal consumption and production dropped for the third straight year in 2016, by 4.7 per […]

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Exxon’s Climate-Risk Problem

From the Huffington Post: As recently as 2016, Exxon Mobil was still paying millions to groups that either question fossil fuels’ role in climate change or deny the science outright. During the last two election cycles, the firm donated heavily to Republicans, who remain one of the only major political parties in the world to […]

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From Oil to Wind

Tom Sanzillo for Corporate Knights: IEEFA published a report this last week that highlights how Norway is at a historic crossroads in how it manages some of its vast national wealth bound up in the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). Indeed, GPFG is facing an unusually opportune moment this summer, as Parliament considers whether to […]

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2,250-MW Coal Plant Closure Undercuts Trump Job Pledge, Peabody Bankruptcy Plan

From Low natural gas prices seem destined to dash ex-casino mogul Donald Trump’s bid to resurrect coal industry jobs during his new gig in the Oval Office, after the owners of the country’s third-largest coal plant announced it would be shutting down decades ahead of schedule. And the now-imminent closure of the 2,250-MW Navajo […]

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Report: Norway’s Oil Fund Can Profit From Renewables

From Politico Morning Energy: Norway’s $880 billion oil-based sovereign wealth fund could see solid returns if it were to invest in renewable energy infrastructure, according to a report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis released today. The report, which will be presented this morning at a cross-party parliamentary seminar in Oslo, recommends […]

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