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On the Blogs: FirstEnergy Is a Bad Dog

Dick Munson for EDF: FirstEnergy may be desperately clinging to old ways, but it’s coming up with new attempts to do so. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis just came out with a new report describing these attempts, titled “FirstEnergy Bailout Proposals Grow More Audacious, and Onerous, for Ohio Ratepayers.” The report breaks […]

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U.S. Coal Employment ‘Continues to Probe Record Lows’

Kevin Hunt and Richard Kuykendall for SNL: Average U.S. coal mining employment continues to probe record lows as average coal employees fell another 6.3% — about 3,436 jobs — in the second quarter compared to the prior quarter. An S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis showed average coal mining jobs have declined 45.6% from a near-term […]

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Editorial: Cheap Shots by Little Politicians

From the Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette-Mail: West Virginia got some welcome news last week. A round of President Obama’s POWER initiative grants will pour $16 million into infrastructure and entrepreneurship projects to help West Virginians get back to work. It is money well spent and well-deserved. Just because the world is moving away from fossil […]

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On the Blogs: A Republican U.S. Senator Stands Up for Wind

Michael Walsh for Yahoo News: Donald Trump has railed against wind energy for years, but he’d face a backlash from members of his own party if he wins the White House and his administration pushes too hard on the issue. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the author of the original wind energy tax credit in 1992, […]

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Florida Referendum: 70% Approve Pro-Solar Amendment to State Constitution

Steve Bousquet for the Tampa Bay Times: The runaway winner in Tuesday’s primary election was at the end of the ballot, as voters in Florida overwhelmingly approved a tax break to encourage businesses to go solar. The amendment, which will become part of the Florida Constitution, exempts solar and other renewable energy devices on business […]

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Coal Lobbying Groups Losing Members as Industry Tumbles

Zahra Hirji for InsideClimate News: At least 18 major companies—and perhaps nearly twice that many—have ended their memberships in two of the nation’s top coal lobbying groups, the National Mining Association and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity since 2009, according to research by the Climate Investigations Center (CIC), an environmental advocacy group. Most […]

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Project May Remain on Hold Amid Low Prices

From Platts: The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis Monday said the Carmichael project will likely remain on hold for the foreseeable future due to the low price environment for coal. “IEEFA estimates the cash cost of Carmichael coal at A$33/mt [A$27/mt ROM coal with an 80% yield] plus A$6/mt for port [charges], A$10-A$15/mt […]

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Coal Price Spike Caused by Reduction in Chinese Coal Output, Says Specialist

From Hellenic Shipping News: Tim Buckley is an analyst with the US-backed pro-renewable energy group the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). He said there had been two fundamental shifts in the Chinese economy and energy markets that would affect the Australian coal industry. “That’s because they’re moving away from building infrastructure like […]

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Fiduciary Responsibility and Climate Change

Tom Sanzillo for Corporate Knights: A certain recent RFP from the New York City comptroller on behalf of the city’s pension funds could be the beginning of something big. It calls for a carbon footprint analysis of the funds’ holdings and advertises an opening for a climate-risk investment-strategy consultant. While the RFP is shrouded in […]

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Texas Momentum Shifts to Wind and Solar

Bill Spindle and Rebecca Smith for the Wall Street Journal: On a blustery February night, the Texas electricity market hit a milestone. Nearly half the power flowing onto the grid came from wind turbines, a level unimaginable a decade ago in a place better known for its long romance with fossil fuels. The Lone Star […]

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